We are always asking ourselves how we can do better. How can we use less, waste less and be as responsible as possible while delivering exceptional natural skincare products and a luxurious sensory experience? The industry in which we operate is known to be wasteful. Our goal is to be as sustainable and transparent as possible and share the ups and downs of our journey here.

Here is our good news: we use organic and natural ingredients wherever possible—which means they are grown and harvested on organic land without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Most of our products are over 70% organic. Our farms and ingredient sources all maintain fair labor practices.

Five of our current seven products are filled in reusable and 100% recyclable glass made from natural raw materials. This glass is unique in that is is biophotonic and preserves the essence of the product—allowing the positive rays of the sun in, while keeping the harmful rays out. This means the product lasts longer and lessens the need for preservatives.

Our packaging is printed and assembled at a manufacturer committed to minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable printing. This includes stewardship for the water source at the plant which is continually recycled and tested, investment in project “Green Zone” which is a commitment to using less energy and cut carbon emissions as well as diverting materials from landfills. The printing room has an innovative air quality solution called bio-oxidation to convert any air pollutants into harmless by-products of CO2 and H20. Finally, all temperature is monitored to conserve energy.

Our primary challenge is the two products that require plastics to house the formulations due to demands of application, efficacy and stability. Caps and pumps on our glass componentry are also challenging, although we are working with our manufacturer to find single source materials as a next step forward.

The Journey to Wellness is at times a complicated one. Our commitment is to only produce products that enrich our lives and encourage a healthier lifestyle. Along the way—we will do our best to be as responsible as possible in the manufacturing process. 


Each Figaro product is meticulously formulated with our powerful organic botanicals that when combined boost their individual effects. Our proprietary Cannacomplex™ technology uses echinacea as a cannabinoid receptor booster to amplify the powerful effects of our premium organic CBD.