Our Story: Our Journey To Wellness

It’s a path easier traveled together.

Our Mission

We believe the best life is one that is lived in balance. We live in a time when stress and toxic environmental forces have an everyday impact on our minds, bodies and communities.

We founded FIGARO APOTHECARY to become the ultimate trusted source for products and experiences that act as a natural antidote to the fray—and to provide nourishment for the body and soul.


The Figaro Apothecary journey began with a desire to find balance in the daily lives of its co-founders—Scott Formby and Jennifer de Klaver.

In 2019, they were busy creating successful brands for large corporations and needed a healthy antidote to their hectic professional lives. They began speaking about the idea of working together on a small wellness venture that would celebrate their shared love of nature, beauty, and enriching experiences. Scott's lifelong passion for botanicals, historical art and exquisite interiors melded with Jen's inspiration from painting, her daily meditation practice, and connection to other healing modalities. They decided to create a line of Wellness products that would support calming and balance—while at the same time offer an opportunity to find deeper meaning in their own professional lives.

A love of nature and art served as the inspiration for the formation of Figaro Apothecary. A painting was discovered in London’s National Gallery which emphasized nature, beauty, and tranquility — and a playful opera set at a simpler time inspired the name.

Early on, partnerships were forged with organic farms in upstate NY and Colorado and with best-in-class individuals in the Science and Wellness Communities. Product development followed with a focus on developing formulations that nourish, relieve stress and create rich experiences. Most importantly, Figaro’s mission of Wellness became validated as the potency of specific botanical combinations were discovered. A strong belief in “Science in Nature” emerged. Quite simply, the mission to offer superb products that maximize the synergistic effects of botanical combinations became the mantra.

The Figaro Apothecary journey continues in 2023 with the launch of new full collection that harnesses the synergistic effects of premium organic botanicals to activate the senses and reconnect you to the powerful healing benefits of nature, music and art.

Figaro Apothecary invites you to join them on this journey to Wellness.


FIGARO apothecary will contribute 1% of profits to The Nature Conservancy—nature.org to help fund and bring awareness to conserving our beautiful botanicals and waters across the world.

The Nature Conservancy is one of the most effective and efficient environmental organizations in the world. Building on nearly six decades of experience, The Conservancy have protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 river miles—and operate more than 100 marine conservation projects globally.